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V Smile Motion TV Learning System – Education on the Move

For so many parents, the struggle to tear the kids away from the TV to get them to do something more active can lead to arguments and frustration. But, there is no need to choose between activity and the TV anymore. The V.Smile TV Learning System brings physical activity and a great educational learning experience right to your TV. Just plug it in, load the batteries into the wireless remote and you are all set to go. You will be stunned at just how quickly you’ll get your little ones off the couch and into the action.

And action there is. Kids will go on all kinds of adventures with their favorite characters from classics like Scooby-Doo, Spider Man and Thomas the Tank Engine to new favorites like Wall.E and Kung Fu Panda. There is something for everyone with this colorful, compact gaming console system that is easy-to-use (for both parents and kids) and highly interactive as kids direct all the fun themselves. Parents will love that often tough lessons like spelling, math and reading will come with ease to kids who will not even realize their learning. And, do not worry. We will not tell them.

Mom and dad can check out the action on the VTech online community where they can interact with other parents, learn what is new and download new activities for their kids. These can make their way to the V.Smile Learning System with the included USB V-Link device that will transfer everything from the family PC. It is all so easy a parent could use it! Parents will also love that the system’s game cartridges get increasingly difficult as subject-matter skills improve along the way. The fun won’t stop for years and years.

Do not worry about needed to buy several game cartridges before the fun can begun, either. The V.Smile Motion TV Learning System comes with the Action Mania cartridge. With six unique games, kids can jump right into the fun with bobsled races where the will weave and bob along the course, a fitness program where they will balance on a ball and test their nutrition knowledge, a game that takes place on a tennis court and several others. And parents and friends do not need to sit on the sidelines, the system has an additional controller port for multi player gaming. Sound like more fun than you could imagine? Well, get up off the couch and head on out to get your V.Smile Motion TV Learning System today.

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